Magnolia Investigations uses unorthodox methods to find the information our clients seek. We implement creative approaches in our investigations, and find solutions that other companies can not. While our methods may be creative, our agency is governed by traditional values and practices – respect for the industry, pride in our work, and beyond anything else, respect and commitment to our clients.

Our team of investigators are governed by our core values: Accuracy, Integrity, Diligence, and Commitment. Those values help us offer nothing less than the best investigative service we can offer.

Our clients don’t come to us for investigation services – they come to us for solutions. We measure our success, not on minutes of video or cases won, but the number of partnerships and repeat clients. Our partners trust us with their case, the same way their clients trust them with theirs. We work with attorneys and legal teams across Your State, business owners, and the general public on special assignments. Regardless of our assignment, you can rest assured that Your Investigations Company will provide the excellent investigation service you deserve.

Our Promise to You & Your Team

Our mission is to become the absolute leader in investigation services across Your State. Our promise to you is that when you work with us, our team will listen to your needs and help plan a customized solution for your particular circumstances. Our team will provide you with support, suggestions, and advice you on the best path for the investigation. We will give you realistic goals and help you understand what you can truly expect.

Our team will keep you fully informed and keep you updated with the status and progress of your investigation. We will be available to you at any time during the investigation, and provide you with the best investigative services available.